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Bidallhours is a worldwide marketplace. We are able to auction sunlight stencils screen printing supplies to a wider audience across the globe.It is free to list and feature our silkscreen kits and aluminium screens.we also have a hyperlink to our home website and you can still enjoy shopping direct from please check our screen printing supplies especially our new 40 colour Sunlight water based ink range. by clicking here,

sunlight stencils 55t the devil is in the detail.


Sunlight stencils,without a shadow of a doubt the detail in the artwork can be held on every strand of thread on every sheet.the print produces cannot be matched by cheap plotter cut stencils that can be copied by any body.The sunlight stencil method will turn your craft into a work of art. 1.Always test the glass to see if glass etching is possible. 2.Etchall Etching crème. 3.Ready made sunlight stencil. 4.Squeegee 5.Masking tape 6.Rubbing Alcohol. silkscreen print supplies on a small budget.



SUNLIGHT STENCILS, are a Pre-coated silkscreen sheet for silkscreen printing on to any product from t.shirts to paper,wood, mugs, and much more. Choice of 3 sizes , A5,A4,A3. Various mesh counts to choose from to enable you to produce the perfect print, even if you are a novice. All you need is a bit of artistic flair, a SUNLIGHT STENCIL SHEET, a SUNLIGHT EXPOSURE GLASS FRAME, the mid day sun and tap water . silkscreen print supplies to meet the tiniest budget.

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