Screenprint supplies from Sunlight Stencils , stencil sheets you can keep and re use  your designs 1000s of times.
You do not have to reclaim the screen each time you create a new design, as in the traditional screen printing method. No chemicals required. 
Just remove your sunlight stencil sheet from your flexible frame or tension frame once you have finished printing, store the sunlight stencil design and re-use your frame for a new design. Re using your sunlight  frames saves you on storage space and money. 
Each time you make a design you just use the same sunlight frame. More importantly you do not have to remake a design when you want to re use it, as in traditional methods, just attach your sunlight stencil image to your frame and start printing again.
Our smallest kit comes with 5 times A5 sunlight stencil sheets 55T,
5 sunlight stencil film transparencies, 1 set of sunlight uv blocker artwork pens.
4 A5 flexible frames and 1 A5 sunlight tension frame, 1 80 mm squeegee
30cm x 30cm sunlight glass exposure frame.
4 x 200 ml standard sunlight hybrid inks,  1 sunlight stencil washout booth, 1 sponge,
10 wooden ink mixing sticks, 1 roll of two way tape, and 1 roll of masking tape, also our printing lesson instructions.
The sunlight stencil washout booth with lid, is an opaque UV light inhibitor, also an excellent storage container for your unopened sunlight stencils. Place it in a cool dry place to maintain their maximum shelf life. Also suitable for storing all of your printing equipment. A5 SUNLIGHT STENCIL KIT
silkscreen print supplies uk. There are many in the uk,choosing the right one that is the hard bit. when i started out 44 years ago i wanted cheap and simple ,to produce quality designs. sunlight stencil products do just that.

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