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sunlight stencils 55t the devil is in the detail.

The sunlight stencil exposure unit. led. uv. Available in 3 sizes. 50watt, 100 watt, 200watt
the most affordable unit on the planet. making stencils day and night, sun or no sun that is the question we can answer yeah.

silkscreen print supplies in the uk, sunlight stencils are by far the cheapest and will suit the tiniest budget.
we have everything you need to start screen printing onto a variety of substrates.we silkscreen printing ink, alluminium silkscreens, silkscreen printing squeegees, precoated alluminium screens all in different mesh counts to silkscreen block designs and fine line work designs.We also have led exposure units  the cheapest on the worldwide marketplace  so you can burn images into your alluminium screens or sunlight stencils day or night.

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